Major exhibits:


Industrial Machineries, Products, Equipment:


Manufacture, Forklift, Warehouse transport, Construction, Packaging, Agricultural, Gardening machinery & equipment, compressor, Pressure measurement instrument, chiller system, hand tools, motor, industrial valve, bearings…
Control, Automation:





Automation: Human – machine interface, sensor actuator, intelligent I/O; Comprehensive integrated automation system; SCADA, DCS, CAD/ CAM/ CIM/ CNC systems; Embedded systems, PLC technology, PC / 104, PXI, IPC; Modeling and simulation of production processes; Process control technology; Laboratory automation; Intelligent measurement system; Measurement and control network; Automation software; Processor, SOC, DSP, FPGA, ASIC in the controller; Power electronics; Alternative energy, Smart Controls… Security, Surveillance, smart home and AI-based face recognition …
Welding & Metalworking Technologies, Products:


Welding, Cutting equipment and accessory, Metalworking, Grindstone, Steel… Metal, Metallurgy, Metal casting, Metalworking, Refractory, Titanium material, Abrasion resistant material, Anti-rust oil & cable… Manufacturing machinery, fasteners…
Plastic industry equipment, products:


Injection Mold, Rotary Molding, Mold cleaner, Plastic Cutting Machine, Plastic Mixer, Label Separator, Plastic Heater and Molding Furnace…
Rubber industry equipment, products:


Presser, Mixing Mill, Melter, Extrusion Machine, Rubber/silicone Injector, Vertical Rubber Cutter, Tire Manufacturing…
Food Processing Machineries, Equipment, Technologies, Products, Materials.
  • Daily activities:
  • Discussion, business matching, B2B, technology & product introduction by Associations, Exhibitors at SECC main stage; at exhibiting area.
  • CUSTOMERS APPRECIATION program: Gifts for group buyers and professional buyers, lunch coupons for provincial visitors, accommodation and travelling expense support for visitors who are over 150 km from HCMC.

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