Major exhibits:


Industrial Machinery and Equipment:



 Forklift, Warehouse transport… Construction machinery… Packaging, Agricultural machinery, Gardening machinery & equipment… compressor, Pressure measurement instrument…, chiller system, hand tools, motor, industrial valve, bearings…


Metal, Metallurgy, Metal pipe, Steel, Metalworking:


Steel, Steel pipes, Metal, Metallurgy… Metal casting, Metalworking… Refractory, Titanium material, Abrasion resistant material…, Anti-rust oil….


Welding & Metalworking Technology:



Welding, Cutting equipment and accessory, Metalworking, Grindstone, Manufacturing machinery, Nut, Bolt, Screws, Rivet, TIG welding machine, MIG welding, welding mask, welding ultrasonic equipment,…


Chemical, Paint & Coatings Industry:





Basic Chemicals & Commodity Chemicals…, Industrial Chemicals, Detergents, Descaling agents, bleach, Reverse Blotting papers, Waste water treatment, Agrochemical, Fertilizers… Pesticides, Herbicide, Fungicide, Plant growth stimulants…, Dyeing Chemicals, dye, Color powder, Synthetic Chemicals, Natural Chemicals, Machinery, Equipment and Accessory in Chemical Industry…, Plastic, Rubber…, Paints & Coatings, Coating material, Chemical additives in Paint & Coatings, Paint,….


Mechanical & Electrical Equipment: Trucks, concrete mixers, automobile components, excavators, machinery – maritime accessories, hardware equipment, …

Major activities:

Trade promotion activities, B2B,

– Gifts for group buyers and professional buyers, lunch coupons for provincial visitors, accommodation (1 night) and travelling subsidy for over 150 km provincial visitors far from HCMC.

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