The International Exhibition on Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Technology and Products in Ho Chi Minh City

5/25/2023 10:51:22 AM
Supported by Ministry of Industry & Trade, Ministry of Planning & Investment, Ho Chi Minh CityPeople’s Committee, Vietnam Advertisement & Fair Exhibition JSC – VIETFAIR will organize The International Exhibition on Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Technology and Products in Ho Chi Minh City – VINAMAC EXPO 2023, from Nov 15 – Nov 17, 2023 at SECC , 799 Nguyen Van Linh St., Tan Phu Ward, Dist. 7, HCMC

Scope of exhibits:

1. Mechanical Engineering – Automation:

Industrial Machineries, Products, Equipment: Manufacture, Forklift, Warehouse transport, Construction, Packaging, Agricultural, Gardening machinery & equipment, compressor, Pressure measurement instrument, chiller system, hand tools, motor, industrial valve, bearings…

Control, Automation: Automation: Human – machine interface, sensor actuator, intelligent I/O; Comprehensive integrated automation system; SCADA, DCS, CAD/ CAM/ CIM/ CNC systems; Embedded systems, PLC technology, PC / 104, PXI, IPC; Modeling and simulation of production processes; Process control technology; Laboratory automation; Intelligent measurement system; Measurement and control network; Automation software; Processor, SOC, DSP, FPGA, ASIC in the controller; Power electronics; Alternative energy, Smart Controls…Security, Surveillance, smart house and AI-based face recognition …

Welding & Metalworking Technology: Welding, Cutting equipment and accessory, Metalworking, Grindstone, Steel… Metal, Metallurgy, Metal casting, Metalworking, Refractory, Titanium material, Abrasion resistant material, Anti-rust oil & cable… Manufacturing machinery, fasteners…

2. Rubber – Plastic:

Plastic industry equipmentInjection Mold, Rotary Molding, Mold cleaner, Plastic Cutting Machine, Plastic Mixer, Label Separator, Plastic Heater and Molding Furnace…

Rubber industry equipmentPresser, Mixing Mill, Melter, Extrusion Machine, Rubber/silicone Injector, Vertical Rubber Cutter, Tire Manufacturing…

Rubber – Plastic products

3. Food Processing: Machineries, Equipment, Technologies, Materials.

The exhibition will bring the opportunities to enterprises in selecting and sourcing high quality products from many developed countries in the world. The exhibition is also an ideal place to promote their products, expand business networks in Vietnam, especially in the southern provinces. For further information, please contact: